Space Saving Round Table


Space Saving Round Table


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    This clever idea would make a new magic tricks. Other than that, I would love to have detail DIY steps to replicate this furniture. But, if it is company secret. Consider I never make that comment

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  5. Posted by bigcreektrading, — Reply

    I really like one and for me that's portable! What is the top made out of?

  6. Posted by shylo8131, — Reply

    Really could use tables like that when I was in the Army.

  7. Posted by tewbird1422, — Reply

    Love it space saving for us DIYer's wedding planners

  8. Posted by ayabeimichael, — Reply

    Very nice one indeed. Would like to try this.

  9. Posted by idasophie, — Reply

    Where can you buy this one?

  10. Posted by aleksshop2013, — Reply

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